Ulfstead Castle owns a set of four-wheeled roofed coaches, which are used to bring tourists to the estate as well as take visitors around the rest of Sodor. They are also known as Stephen's Coaches.

Stephen usually pulls one of the coaches when he takes visitors around the island, and Diesel once used one to take the Mayor of Sodor to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. In edition, three of these coaches were briefly pulled by James in the The Thomas Way.

Technical Details


The coaches at Ulfstead Castle are based on the four-wheeled roofed coaches that were used on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Two replicas of the coaches have been produced by the National Railway Museum, and are used by the Stephenson's Rocket replica. The Sodor & Mainland Railway also owned a set of coaches based on these carriages.


The Ulfstead Castle coaches are painted dark blue and cream with gold lining. The coaches carry the Ulfstead Castle crest on the middle doors on each side, and the roofs and handrails are painted black. The wheels are painted black with blue rims.


  • A Wooden Railway prototype for the Ulfstead Castle coaches featured them with a yellow and brown livery, and with the Ulfstead Castle crest on every door rather than just the middle one. This may have been the coaches' original livery.

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