The Logging Locos are a group of American logging engines who live and work on Misty Island. The group is made up of Bash and Dash, two tank engine twins, and Ferdinand, a large tender engine.


Television SeriesEdit

Before working on Misty Island, the Logging Locos used to work for the Other Railway on the Mainland. The three engines were very troublesome and misbehaved, so they were exiled to Misty Island to work there. Far away from the rest of society, the Logging Locos established their own strange rules and culture, and worked on the island in their same goofy fashion as always. They became known as the "Logging Locos" due to the type of work they did on Misty Island.

The Logging Locos met Thomas for the first time after he became stranded on the island when his ship had left him behind by mistake. The Logging Locos agreed to help Thomas find a way back to Sodor and collect the Jobi wood needed to build the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, but Thomas, who was full of himself, believed he knew better than the Logging Locos, using up all their oil on logging machinery and making them work tirelessly without taking on more fuel. When all the Jobi wood had been collected, Thomas and the Logging Locos went down the Misty Island Tunnel to go back to Sodor, but they became trapped when the Logging Locos ran out of fuel and the tunnel was blocked. Thankfully, the engines were rescued by Percy and Whiff, and they managed to get to Sodor.

Upon their arrival, the Logging Locos were sent to the Sodor Steamworks, where they were repainted. Afterwards, they helped out with the construction of the Search and Rescue Centre, and became a part of the North Western Railway. The Logging Locos now work on Misty Island for the Fat Controller, delivering Jobi wood to the Island of Sodor and doing other jobs around the railway. (TVS; Misty Island Rescue)


The Logging Locos first appeared in the special, Misty Island Rescue. Since then, they have made numerous appearances in many seasons, up until the sixteenth season finale. It is unknown what happened to the Logging Locos, as the tunnel to Misty Island became boarded up in the seventeenth season and they have not appeared together since then, although Ferdinand made a small cameo appearance in the eighteenth season.


  • According to former script executive Sam Barlow, the Logging Locos' culture and isolation from the rest of society was inspired by the William Golding novel, "Lord of the Flies".

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