The Grumpy Passenger is a man who usually travels on the Skarloey Railway, who is well-known for complaining about everything.


Television SeriesEdit

The Grumpy Passenger usually rides on Duncan's passenger train every morning and evening, but got on Duncan's nerves due to his constant complaining. Finally having enough of the Grumpy Passenger's complaining, Duncan tried to do the best he could to please him, even going as far as delaying his train when he arrived at the station late, but the Grumpy Passenger still grumbled. Upon arriving at Crovan's Gate, Mr. Percival told Duncan that he knew the man well, and that he should ignore him, as he would find a reason to complain about anything. Now knowing this, Duncan decided to ignore the man. (TVS; Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger)

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Grumpy Passenger is so-named due to his grumpy and irritated nature, and will always find a reason to complain about something. He grumbles dreadfully about everything and is easy to annoy, and even Duncan, an engine well-known for his incessant complaining, became sick of him. The Grumpy Passenger can always be seen reading the Sodor Times newspaper, checking his pocket watch and carrying a flask of tea wherever he goes.

Despite his bad-tempered and irritable behavior, the Grumpy Passenger has been shown to have a more light-hearted side and has been seen smiling on occasion. He seems to be a fan of sports and other similar events, as he rooted for the Sodor United Football Team when they were playing at Dryaw and went to the Mainland to see the Great Railway Show.


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