The 5 Diesel Shunters are a group of similar-looking diesel engines who work in a shunting yard on the Other Railway, shunting trains for the other engines. When the Great Railway Show was held on the Mainland, the diesels shunted trains for the contenders.

Technical DetailsEdit


The diesel shunters are all based on the British Rail Class 08 diesel shunter, a widely-produced type of diesel shunter with over eight-hundred engines of this class built. With over sixty members of this class still preserved, the Class 08s are the second most well-preserved class of locomotive in the UK.


The diesel shunters are all painted in the EWS red livery. They are painted red with a large yellow band on their sides, and their front ends are painted in yellow and black hazard stripes. Their chassis are painted black, while their siderods are red.