Tale of the Brave is the 2014 special, and the eighth installment in the Thomas & Friends lineup of specials. It was released on DVD in the UK on September 1st, 2014, and on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US on September 16th.




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  • The events of the special tie in with the eighteenth season episode, Toad's Bright Idea.
  • The opening premise of the film begins with Thomas going to work at the Clay Pits as a bridge on his branch line is undergoing repairs. This happened in the Railway Series book, Thomas and the Twins.


  • The first trailer for the special included footage that was produced prior to the special's final release. As a result, some of the footage featured in the trailer is different compared to how it appears in the final special.
    • During the scene where Thomas first sees the footprints, it is not raining, and it is nighttime. In the final special, it is storming when this scene happens.
    • The scene of Gator first being introduced has no fog effects, whereas in the special, it is completely foggy. Likewise, the scene where Percy mistakes Gator for a monster has reduced fog effects.
    • Timothy's introduction scene features no trees on the hill behind him, his trucks are red, and the sky is clear and sunny. In the final special, the sky is cloudy and grey, his trucks are green, and there are trees on the hill behind him.
    • The camera angles for Reg and Marion's introduction scenes are different in the trailer compared to the final special.
    • The scene where Cranky tries to stop the ship features less lighting, and the camera angles are also different compared to how they look in the final special.
    • Percy and Thomas do not have their lamps on at the Clay Pits during the scene of the second landslide, but in the actual special, they do.

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