The Sodor Story Collection is an exclusive book series that ties into the Wooden Railway range. The series was launched in 2014, and are available to buy on Fisher-Price's website or at special stores across the United States.


The Sodor Story Collection series was launched in 2014 as special releases on the Wooden Railway range's official website and at 20 different stores across the United States that sell the sets. Due to concern by fans and retailers about the lowering quality of the wood featured in the Wooden Railway sets, the items sold in the Sodor Story Collection series are made of much higher quality wood than the kind used in regular items.

The sets usually include a hardcover book, an activity sheet and engines, track and destinations to reenact scenes from the book. Smaller, cheaper book packs are also sold, which include the book and an engine with a piece of rolling stock or tender that relate to the story.

Special characters exclusive to the book series have been introduced to the Sodor Story Collection series. These characters do not appear in the television series, but are made in full CGI by Arc Productions for use in promotional videos. Typically, one new character is released every year, and are expected to be sold for up to a year before being discontinued. However, Logan and Sam are still available to purchase despite being sold for over a year.

In 2016, the Wooden Railway website was shut down for unknown reasons. However, the Sodor Story Collection items are still available to purchase on Fisher-Price's website.


Sodor Story Collection-exclusive CharactersEdit

  • Logan - released in 2014
  • Sam - released in 2015
  • Dustin - released in 2016

Specialty StoresEdit

  • California State Railroad Musuem, Sacramento, California
  • Diddams, Mountain View, California
  • Geppetto's Flower Hill Promenade, Del Mar, California
  • Totally Thomas, Escondido, California
  • H & R Trains, Pinellas Park, Florida
  • America's Best Train Shop, Itasca, Illinois
  • Berwyn's Toys and Trains Inc., Berwyn, Illinois
  • Stellabella Toys, Dedham, Massachusetts
  • Choo Choo Bob, St Paul, Minnesota
  • The Hobby Shop, Aberdeen, New Jersey
  • Kidding Around, New York City, New York
  • Toys & Co., Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Entertrainment Junction, West Chester, Ohio
  • Growing Tree Toys, State College, Pennsylvania
  • Toys On The Square, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
  • Smart Toys, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Wonder Works, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Toy Maven, Dallas, Texas
  • Barston's Childs Play, Washington, Washington DC

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