Sam is a large American tender engine, who came to Sodor to help with the construction of the Sodor Museum.


Sodor Story CollectionEdit

Sam was brought to the Island of Sodor to help Thomas and Percy with the construction of the new Sodor Museum. He handled most of the heavy goods work, and brought the heavy trucks of rails and stone for the museum. After Percy fell into a ditch as he was delivering the bell, Sam came to his rescue and pulled him back onto the rails, and pulled the bell up to the clock tower when Rocky could not. As a reward for his hard work, the Fat Controller allowed Sam to lead the first group of people into the museum. (SSC; Sam and the Great Bell)

After his work on Sodor was finished, Sam returned to the Mainland with Logan. (Video; A Friendly Farewell)

Personality and TraitsEdit


Technical DetailsEdit





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