Rusty's Ghost Engine was a narrow gauge tank engine, who presumably worked on the Skarloey Railway up until his demise, when he plunged into a ravine.


Television SeriesEdit

According to legend, the engine was returning home one misty night. As the engine was travelling across the Old Iron Bridge, he lost control and fell off the bridge, plunging into the swamps below. The engine's remains were never found, but several workmen claimed to have seen his spirit trying to cross the bridge, only to never make it to the other side.

Rusty told Duncan the story of the Ghost Engine when he was teasing Peter Sam for losing his trucks, but Duncan dismissed it as being silly. To teach him a lesson, Duncan's crew arranged for Duncan to go across the Old Iron Bridge late at night, where they pretended that the ghost engine was trying to cross the bridge. This frightened Duncan, and he ran back to his shed. (TVS; Duncan Gets Spooked)

Technical DetailsEdit


The Ghost Engine is based on the Talyllyn Railway's Talyllyn, a Fletcher Jennings C class. Skarloey is also based on Talyllyn.


The Ghost Engine appeared to be painted red prior to his demise. When he appeared as a ghostly apparition, he was white all over.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Ghost Engine used the same model as Skarloey with Percy's whistle sound. According to an online magazine called "Models on TV", the model was modified so that it could only travel a certain distance, before a motor swung it off the bridge.


Thomas & FriendsEdit

  • Season 5 - Duncan Gets Spooked (does not speak)


  • Though the model used for the Ghost Engine was the same one used for Skarloey, the shape of the engine the fireflies formed was closer to Rheneas' design.

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