Norman is a red diesel shunter, and the twin of Dennis. Contrary to his twin, he tries his best to do his work, but suffers from mechanical problems that hinder his abilities.


Television SeriesEdit

Norman was one of the diesel engines who took over the Sodor Steamworks after Diesel 10 managed to trick Percy into helping him take it over. After the Vicarstown Dieselworks was restored, Norman began working there. (TVS; Day of the Diesels)

When Norman went to Tidmouth Sheds, he noticed that the Steam Team had more Christmas decorations than the diesels had at the Dieselworks, and told Diesel 10 about this. When Percy was asking Sidney how long he had been waiting for his new wheels, Norman told him it had been about two years. (TVS; The Missing Christmas Decorations) Norman later offered an empty spot in the Dieselworks for Thomas to sleep in when the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds was frozen. (TVS; The Frozen Turntable)

Norman was later pulling a goods train through Knapford, when he and Thomas were both involved in an accident when the diesels were pushing Thomas. Because of the damage he sustained in the accident, Thomas was unable to compete in the Great Railway Show. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Unlike his twin, Norman tries to work as hard as he can to impress both the steam engines and diesel engines and follows all of his orders without fuss, but he suffers from mechanical problems that hinder his capabilities and cause him to break down. Though this may cause some problems for him, Norman still tries to do his best and help any engines that need it.

Technical DetailsEdit


Norman is based on 11001, an experimental diesel shunter built at Ashford Works in 1949 and put into service the following year, and supposedly became the first diesel put into service by British Railways. 11001 was in service from 1950 up until 1959, when it was withdrawn from service and scrapped at Ashford Works in 1959. The real 11001 was also prone to breaking down and suffered from gearbox failure, which is likely what inspired Norman's tendency to break down so often.


Norman is painted a reddish-orange colour. His wheels are painted red with grey rims, and his cab roof, front end, footsteps and top are painted a dark shade of grey. He also has two yellow lines painted along his sides, and his buffers are silver.

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