Neville is a black tender engine, whose unusual shape makes him look like a diesel to some engines. He is a rather polite and kind engine, but can be easily hurt by unkind comments.


Television Series

Neville was first seen by Thomas at the logging depot, where he was being teased by 'Arry and Bert. Thomas told the other engines about this, which began a rumour that Neville was planning to bump all the steam engines. Because of this, the steam engines treated Neville with disrespect, causing him to run off. Unfortunately, Neville ran through a barrier at a broken bridge and hung dangerously over the line, but Thomas managed to come to his aid and pulled him, Annie and Clarabel back just in time. Thomas apologized to Neville, who gladly befriended him. (TVS; Thomas and the New Engine)

Neville later informed Thomas and Percy that the Sodor Brass Band would be playing at Great Waterton. (TVS; Best Friends)

Personality and Traits

Neville is kind, gentlemanly and polite to every engine he meets. Highly enthusiastic, gentle and caring, Neville never holds a grudge against anyone, but can sometimes be hurt by rude comments or not being accepted by the other engines due to his unusual shape.

However, despite his gentleness, Neville has occasionally acted cheeky before and has sometimes teased the other engines, such as when he laughed at Emily when she had to work with Whiff.

Technical Details


Neville is based on the Southern Railway Q1 locomotive, a class of 0-6-0 tender engines that were built by Brighton and Ashford Works in 1994. The first engine of this class, C1, is currently preserved by the National Railway Museum in York, England. The real engine that carried Neville's number, 33010, was scrapped in 1964.


Neville is painted black all over with red bufferbeams and silver valve gear. His number, 33010, is painted on the sides of his cab in white lettering.