Mr. Mack was the first controller of the Skarloey Railway back when the line first opened. After his retirement, he was succeeded by Mr. Peter Sam.


The Railway Series

When Skarloey first arrived on the railway, Mr. Mack and the railwaymen tried to make him steam. As he was too stubborn to pull trucks, Skarloey refused to move. After many failed attempts to make him steam, Mr. Mack had Skarloey covered up under a tarpaulin until he could learn to behave.

After a while, Mr. Mack had Skarloey put into service when he apologized, and arranged for Mr. Bobbie come to the Skarloey Railway to work as his driver. When Skarloey was put in charge of pulling the directors' train, Mr. Mack rode on his footplate and asked if he could drive him. After closing Skarloey's regular too quickly, Mr. Mack was sent flying off the footplate and landed in a bush beside the line. Mr. Mack refused to ride on Skarloey for the rest of the journey, and rode in Beatrice instead. However, he felt sympathetic for Skarloey, and arranged for him to be fitted with a cab and a pair of trailing wheels. (RWS; Very Old Engines)

Personality and Traits

Mr. Mack did not understand engines' feelings at first, and stood for no nonsense. He had very little patience and was quick to annoy, becoming cross with Skarloey for throwing him off his footplate by accident. However, he eventually felt sorry for him, and arranged for him to be fitted with trailing wheels and a cab to cheer him up.


The Railway Series


  • Mr. Mack is the only controller of the Skarloey Railway to not be nicknamed the "Thin Controller".

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