Mr. Fergus Duncan, nicknamed the Small Controller by the miniature engines, is the controller of the Arlesdale Railway. Despite his nickname, he is actually taller than the Fat and Thin Controllers; his nickname comes from the fact that he runs the Small Railway.


The Railway SeriesEdit

Mr. Fergus Duncan was appointed by the Fat Controller, Thin Controller and the Owner to run the Arlesdale Railway, as they required the ballast from up in the hills. (RWS; Small Railway Engines)

After hearing about the story of Duke, the Small Controller, along with the Thin Clergyman and the Fat Clergyman, decided to search for him in the hills of Arlesdale. They managed to find Duke after the Fat Controller fell through the shed roof, landing on top of Duke inside the shed. Duke was then removed from the shed and taken to the Skarloey Railway to be restored. (RWS; Duke the Lost Engine)

In 1967, after Rex began suffering from a leaking steampipe, the Small Controller began to think that the line needed another engine, and arranged for Jock to be built. (RWS; Jock the New Engine)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like the other railway controllers on Sodor, the Small Controller is fond of the railway he runs and looks out for all the small engines, but will scold them if they are misbehaving. He is very passionate about his work and has devoted his life to working on the Arlesdale Railway, and as such has never married or had children of his own.

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