Mighty Mac is a double-ended Fairlie duplex locomotive belonging to the Skarloey Railway. Despite the opposing personalities of the two ends, they are technically one engine.


Television SeriesEdit

Mighty Mac arrived on the Skarloey Railway during the summer period, and were given the task of taking vacationers up to the mountain campground. As they had only been used for shunting duties prior to their arrival, the two halves argued about which was the proper way to go, putting them and their passengers in danger when their coach derailed and caused a landslide when it ran into the side of a mountain. After remembering some advice Thomas had gave them earlier and watching the passengers re-rail the coach, Mighty Mac pushed their way through the landslide and got their passengers safely to their destination. (TVS; Mighty Mac)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mighty Mac is a strong and powerful engine, and the two halves strive to do the best they can at their work. However, due to working in the shunting yards for such a long period of time, the two did not have much knowledge beyond their boundaries and argued with each-other, such as which way was the best or which half got to do what. In the end, however, they manage to work together to get their job done.

Mighty appears to be the older of the two halves, and can be distinguished by his flick of "hair" on his forehead and his pointier nose. Mac is the younger half, and sports thicker eyebrows, a rounder nose and freckles across his cheeks.

Technical DetailsEdit



Mighty Mac is painted royal blue with red and yellow lining. The trimming around their tanks and cab are painted black, their bufferbeams are painted red, and their footplate is grey. Mighty is painted with yellow trimming around his filler caps and windows, while Mac's windows and filler caps are painted red.



  • Unlike most double fairlies, Mighty Mac sports two different-sounding whistles, one on each end of them.
  • Mighty and Mac's whistle sounds are differently-pitched versions of Harvey's original whistle. These whistle sounds were later reused for Bert and Rex respectively when they were introduced to the television series.