The Mid Sodor Railway Sheds used to serve as the main engine shed for the engines and rolling stock on the Mid Sodor Railway. The sheds were based at Arlesdale.


The Railway SeriesEdit

The engine sheds for the Mid Sodor Railway were located at the station of Arlesdale. The engine shed had two roofs and was a double-track shed, with a canopy with a corrugated roof just in front of it. Behind the sheds was an area for a pumping engine, where Stanley was placed when he was turned into a pumping engine.

After the Mid Sodor Railway closed, Duke was sheeted up and left in the shed, as nobody wanted to buy him and the Duke of Sodor never came to retrieve him. Decades later, he was rediscovered when the Reverend Teddy Boston fell through the roof of the shed, and he was sent to the Skarloey Railway to work there. (RWS; Duke the Lost Engine)

Television SeriesEdit

In the fourth season of the television series, the Mid Sodor Railway sheds were similar to how they appeared in the Railway Series. However, the shed had three berths instead of two, and an additional single-track shed was placed on a siding close by. The single-track shed was used as the main sheds for Duke, and he was kept here after the railway closed up until he was rediscovered. (TVS; Granpuff/Sleeping Beauty)

The Mid Sodor Railway sheds, along with Arlesdale station, later appeared as a generic engine shed on the Skarloey Railway. (TVS; Gallant Old Engine)


  • The Mid Sodor Railway sheds are based on the engine sheds that were used on the Snailbeach District Railway.

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