King Godred's Crown is a golden crown with many red and green jewels on it, which was worn by King Godred back when he was the King of Sodor. It is currently on display at Ulfstead Castle, after it was lost for many years.


During the medieval times, King Godred wore his crown back when he was the King of Sodor, and the crown was later placed on display inside the castle. However, a group of thieves stole the crown, placing it in a wooden chest and hiding it in the mine below the castle. Though the thieves were caught, the crown was never found again, and remained in the mine.


The chest which contained the crown

Centuries later, King Godred's crown became highly sought after by Sir Robert Norramby, the Earl of Sodor, as he wanted to find the crown to complete his collection of medieval relics before Ulfstead Castle could be reopened; unfortunately, he could not find the crown, and did not know where to search for it. The crown was later rediscovered by Stephen, who stumbled across the chest the crown had been stored in when he was trapped inside the mine. After Stephen was rescued, the crown was removed from the mine and put on display at Ulfstead Castle, just in time for its grand opening. (TVS; King of the Railway)

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