Jock is a yellow-green miniature engine who works on the Arledale Railway, and is the strongest engine working on the line. He was initially rather cocky, but learned sense after he had to pull Mike and a passenger train back home by himself.


The Railway SeriesEdit

In 1967, Rex's steam pipe began leaking as he was taking a passenger train, and Frank had to take his train. This made the Small Controller realize that another engine was needed on the line, so he arranged for Jock to be built.

After Jock was built, he was painted in a chartreuse undercoat, and was not named when he came out of the workshop for his test trials. Douglas, who was watching Jock perform his tests, remarked that his unique yellow livery reminded him of engines in Scotland who worked on the Highland Railway, and were called "Jocks". Jock liked the name and his livery, so the name stuck.

Shortly after he was put in service, Jock became cocky, especially after he pulled a trailer of sleepers into the yard. The following day, Jock double-headed a passenger train with Mike, who wanted to pay him out for his arrogant behavior. During the journey to Arlesdale, Mike cut off steam, forcing Jock to do most of the work. However, during the return journey, Mike's injector failed, and Jock had to pull him and the train back to Arlesburgh West by himself. Jock apologized to Mike, and learned the importance of teamwork. (RWS; Jock the New Engine)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Upon entering service, Jock was cocky and boastful, and let his popularity go to his smokebox. However, after having to pull Mike and his train home single-handedly, Jock learned the importance of teamwork and became a more sensible engine.

Technical DetailsEdit


Jock is based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway's Northern Rock.


Jock is painted yellow with red lining.


The Railway SeriesEdit


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