Hector is a large coal hopper who works on the North Western Railway, and is one of the few trucks to get along with the engines.


Television SeriesEdit

When Hector first came to the railway, he caused several problems for the engines. He bumped Bill and Ben around as they were taking him to the coaling plant, and yelled at Thomas to keep away when he tried to approach him. After Hector scared away Rosie when he yelled at her, Thomas finally gained the confidence he needed to bump into Hector, but accidentally bumped into him too hard and caused him to derail. Now feeling sorry, Hector admitted to Thomas that he was afraid of being filled with coal, as he was brand new and had never been filled with coal before. After Thomas helped Hector get over his fear, Hector became much friendlier and befriended him. (TVS; Hector the Horrid!)

During the winter period, Hector was used to transport stone to Great Waterton. Throughout the journey, he tried to suggest to James which paths would be safer to take to the station, but James was too stubborn to listen, believing that he needed no help from a truck. After the train became stuck in a snowdrift, James finally realized his mistake and asked Hector for help. Hector was more than happy to help out, and together he and James managed to get the train out of the snowdrift and to Great Waterton in time. (TVS; James Works it Out)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hector initially started off as aggressive and intimidating, angrily roaring at the other engines if they approached him and refusing to move from his siding. He only did this, however, to hide the fact that he was afraid of being filled with coal, as he was a new truck who had not been used before.

After Hector got over his fear, he became much more cheerful and became friendly to the engines. He would give them advice on what to do, and would suggest safer, alternate paths if the line they intended to use was blocked. For this, he was one of the few trucks on the line to actually respect the engines, as well as give them advice when necessary.

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