Duke's Rescuers were a group of people who wanted to find Duke, who had been abandoned in a shed after the Mid Sodor Railway closed down.


The Railway SeriesEdit

After he was told about the story of Duke by the Owner, Mr. Fergus Duncan, the Small Controller, met up with the Thin and Fat Clergymen, and together they made a plan to find Duke and bring him to the Skarloey Railway, where he would be restored. Each day, the group would travel up to Arlesdale on Bert's passenger train, but they hardly had any luck on their expeditions. They finally came across Duke, albeit by accident, when the Fat Clergyman was standing over the roof of the engine shed, which caved in under him and caused him to fall on Duke. Duke was removed from his shed and sent to the Skarloey Railway, where he would be restored and put back into service. (RWS; Duke the Lost Engine)

Television SeriesEdit

Years after the Mid Sodor Railway closed, a group of visitors came to see the Fat Controller and told him that they wanted to find Duke. They would explore up and down the line on Skarloey's train, and although they had almost no luck trying to find him, they refused to give up. They eventually found him after one of the rescuers fell into the engine shed and on top of Duke, and Duke was sent to Crovan's Gate by Skarloey and Rheneas. (TVS; Sleeping Beauty)

The team's members consisted of Farmer Trotter, Jem Cole, a signalman and a stout man who wore a green beanie hat and coat, beige pants and a white shirt.

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