Dennis is a diesel shunter, and the twin of Norman. He is a lazy diesel engine who will do anything to get out of work, usually by taking advantage of the other engines.


Television Series

Dennis' first job on the North Western Railway was to deliver a train of tiles to the schoolhouse at Bluff's Cove, but he struggled to push the trucks out of the shunting yard. After being assisted by Thomas, Dennis asked him to show him the way to the schoolhouse, but before Thomas could leave, Dennis called him back and pretended that he had overheated, so Thomas left to find another engine to help him. Once when Thomas left, Dennis ran away from his trucks, but went around a bend too fast and derailed, damaging his engine and causing him to leak fuel. When Thomas returned to help out, he pulled Dennis back onto the rails and helped him to Bluff's Cove. (TVS; Thomas' Day Off)

After Thomas was found prior to the reopening of Great Waterton, Dennis was among the diesels present at the quarry when they were informed of the news. (TVS; The Great Discovery)

Personality and Traits

Dennis is rather lazy and slothful, and hates to do any sort of work. He will often manipulate the other engines into believing that there is something wrong with him, and relies on them to do his work while he relaxes. He is not very good at lying, however, and is always caught in the end. Dennis will always apologize for his laziness, but whether or not he means it is up for debate.

Technical Details


Dennis is based on 11001, an experimental diesel shunter built at Ashford Works in 1949 and put into service the following year, and supposedly became the first diesel put into service by British Railways. 11001 was in service from 1950 up until 1959, when it was withdrawn from service and scrapped at Ashford Works in 1959.


Dennis is painted in two different shades of grey. His wheels, footsteps, cab roof, the top of his bonnet and his front end are painted dark grey, while the rest of him is painted a lighter grey. His crankshaft and bufferbeam are painted red, his handrails are white, and his number, 11001, is painted on his sides in white writing.


  • According to a magazine article, Dennis currently lives at the Vicarstown Dieselworks with the other diesel engines.

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