Captain Baxter is a small industrial tank engine, who used to work at the Dorking Greystone Limeworks. He has been preserved by the Bluebell Railway, and continues working there to this day.


The Railway SeriesEdit

Stepney told Edward about Captain Baxter and the other Bluebell engines during his visit to Sodor. He described him as being rude due to his upbringing in a quarry, but was friends with him as they both missed working with trucks. (RWS; Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Stepney described Captain Baxter as being rude and impolite due to working in a quarry, where he picked up his bad manners and coarse language. He was friends with Stepney, as both could relate to each-other as they missed working with trucks.

Technical DetailsEdit

Real-life HistoryEdit

Captain Baxter was built by Fletcher, Jennings & Co. in Whitehaven, England in 1877, and spent his working life at the Dorking Greystone Limeworks at Betchworth station until he was withdrawn from service in 1959. On August 15th, 1960, Captain Baxter was brought to the Bluebell Railway to be preserved, and returned to service in 1982 after a major overhaul. Due to his small size and inadequate braking system, Captain Baxter cannot pull heavy trains or shunt in the yard, and instead carries out the usual demonstration train.

In 2010, Captain Baxter returned to service following an extensive overhaul, just in time for the Bluebell Railway's 50th anniversary gala. Captain Baxter starred in the 2014 film, Muppets Most Wanted as "Randy Stevenot No. 3", and was fitted with an American-style cowcatcher, headlamp, smokestack, whistle and American flags. In 2016, Captain Baxter became the first standard gauge engine to visit the Talyllyn Railway, having been brought to the line to celebrate Dolgoch's 150th anniversary.


Captain Baxter is painted red with black and orange lining, while his bufferbeam and valve gear are painted a brighter shade of red. His name and number are written on the sides of his tanks in white writing, and he also carries his builder's plates on his tanks as well.

In the Railway Series, Captain Baxter was painted a dull fuchsia with no lining. His cylinders, wheels and footplate were painted black, while his valve gear and bufferbeam were red. His name and number were written on the sides of his tanks in white writing, and he carried several red plates and a gold builder's plate on the sides of his tanks too.

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