Bertram, nicknamed "The Old Warrior" because of his bravery, is a narrow gauge tender engine who used to work in a mine on the far side of Sodor. He currently works at the mines, taking visitors around the fairground.


Television Series

Bertram used to work in an old mine on the far side of the island with several other little engines. However, the mines were closed, and Bertram was left at the quarry to rust away.

Over time, Bertram became a bit of a legend with the other engines, with many of them claiming that his ghost haunted the line at the quarry. This made Toby frightened at first, but while he was patrolling the mines, he came across Bertram and befriended him. After the railway to the mine was reopened, Bertram began taking visitors around the fairground. (TVS; Toby's Discovery)

Personality and Traits

Very little is known about Bertram, as he did not speak in his only appearance. However, he has been described as being a very brave and fearless engine, and is good friends with Toby.

Technical Details


Bertram is based on the Ffestiniog Railway Small England class, which were built between 1863 and 1867 at Boston Lodge. These engines were fitted with saddle tanks to carry their water, but were also fitted with tenders to carry their coal. Three out of four of the original Small England engines have been preserved: Princess, Palmerston and Prince, Duke's basis.


Bertram is painted dark brown with red lining. His bufferbeam is red, and his handrails are silver. His nameplate is painted over, but some merchandise lines show him with a red nameplate with his name written on in gold lining.

Behind the Scenes

Bertram was not originally intended to be a tender engine. According to Britt Allcroft, he was originally going to be a tank engine, but this was dropped as the modelling crew did not have the budget to afford a new model, so they repainted Duke's model with Smudger's face. It is unknown what he would have actually looked like, but the Wooden Railway line originally depicted him as being similar in shape to Duke, but with a coal bunker fitted instead of a tender.

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