Arc Productions (formerly known as Starz Animation) was a Canadian animation and visual effects studio based in Toronto, Ontario. They animated Thomas & Friends from the seventeenth to the Season 21twenty-first seasons, replacing Nitrogen Studios.


In 2012, it was announced that Arc Productions would animate Thomas & Friends starting with the seventeenth season, after HiT Entertainment stopped working with Nitrogen Studios. They began animating for the series starting with King of the Railway and the seventeenth season in 2013.

On August 1st, 2016, Arc Productions announced that they were filing for bankruptcy and locked out over 500 employees, leading to the company shutting down. Their last productions for the television series included The Great Race and the twentieth season. It is now unknown who will replace them as animators for the television series.


Thomas & FriendsEdit

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  • When Nitrogen Studios passed their models and sets over to Arc Productions, some of the information needed for production went missing. As a result, some of the sets had to be completely remade based on photos from Nitrogen-animated episodes, such as the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

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